Rouzan Village

Here is what will soon become the beating heart of Rouzan,
the source of our social, commercial, cultural, creative spirit.
This is the place where people from all over the Baton Rouge
area will come to shop, dine, browse, and gather together.
They will come for the farmer’s market. They will come for
the new Rouzan Public Library – and the art festivals and
concerts on the library lawn. And gradually they will transform
Rouzan Village into one of the city’s most popular
destinations. Of course, if you live here, you won’t have far
to travel. Rouzan Village will be part of your everyday life –
and that will make life a whole lot more interesting.

Commercial Text: 


If you are a retailer, restauranteur or other service provider interested in the commercial opportunities, please contact: 
Jonann Stutzman 
Cell: 225-445-0473